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WHAT IS Render Fiend?

PD, an academic, artist, and pioneer of the latest technology, creates a new channel for his vision. Render Fiend aims to incorporate cinematic values into its movies. An unprecedented amount of time, energy, and resources go into producing each piece. Here, you will see the toughest models push the limits of their endurance. Handcrafted bondage devices, designed and built by PD and KGB (Intersec's metalsmith artist), are showcased in scenes designed by the Source, PD. Powerful and flexible LED lights meticulously illuminate the bound woman, sculpting a dramatic mood. 4K cameras capture the scene, showing every minute detail of the model's body. PD is acutely aware of the countless fetishes and tries to feature as many as possible. His pieces are multi-layered. A movie is more than just a pretty girl in bondage. Her soul is revealed as she takes this ride into the unknown with PD.


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